Committee for Public Counsel Services Innocence Program

On Monday, RonJon Cameron’s attorney spoke the words he had waited more than a dozen years to hear. “He’s a free man,” said Laura Edmonds. Cameron served about 12 years of a 12- to 16-year state prison sentence after being convicted of rape in 2003. The Pittsfield man is 69. Edmonds confirmed Monday that the case against Cameron had been dismissed.

Counting his pre-trial detention, Cameron spent about 14 years in custody, Edmonds said. Cameron maintained his innocence since the accusations were made in 1999. Following a series of appeals of his conviction, new evidence came to light which suggested Cameron was not a contributor of the DNA evidence used against him at trial. Based on the new information, the state Supreme Judicial Court ordered Cameron be released from prison in June, pending a decision whether to proceed with a new trial. Read more.