Innocence Network Executive Board

Shawn Armbrust (term expires: 2021)

Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project

Kirk Bloodsworth (term expires: 2020)

Witness to Innocence

Joe Bodenhamer (term expires: 2022)

Office of the Ohio Public Defender, Wrongful Conviction Project

Justin Brooks (term expires: 2021)

California Innocence Project

Tricia Rojo Bushnell (term expires: 2020)

Midwest Innocence Project

Meryl Schwartz (term expires: 2022)

Innocence Project

Jon Eldan (term expires: 2020)

After Innocence

Keith Findley (term expires: 2020)
Wisconsin Innocence Project

Mark Godsey (term expires: 2021)
Ohio Innocence Project

Lindsay Herf (term expires: 2020)
Arizona Justice Project

Lisa Kavanaugh (term expires: 2022)
Committee for Public Counsel Services Innocence Program





Ken Lawson (term expires: 2022)
Hawai’i Innocence Project

Andrea Lewis (term expires: 2022)
Center on Wrongful Convictions

Seth Miller (term expires: 2021)
Innocence Project of Florida

Dave Moran (term expires: 2021)
Michigan Innocence Clinic

Barry Scheck (term expires: 2021)
Innocence Project

Linda Starr (term expires: 2022)
Northern California Innocence Project

Imran Syed (term expires: 2022)
Michigan Innocence Clinic

Tara Thompson (term expires: 2021)
The Exoneration Project

Anna Vasquez (term expires: 2020)
Innocence Project of Texas

Lara Zarowsky (term expires: 2020)
Washington Innocence Project