Intake Attorney, Pennsylvania Innocence Project

Intake Attorney, Pennsylvania Innocence Project

Pa IP Mission: The Pennsylvania Innocence Project is a non-profit, public interest law firm dedicated to exonerating those who have been convicted of crimes they did not commit and preventing innocent people from being convicted. That mission is coupled with a twofold educational mission: training law students and practicing lawyers to recognize and litigate valid innocence claims; and raising the consciousness of lawmakers and citizens about the systemic causes of wrongful convictions and the ways to safeguard against them. 

Position Overview: The Intake Attorney will manage the Project’s case intake/screening process and supervise directly the more than one hundred law student interns and pro bono lawyers engaged in reviewing cases submitted by incarcerated Pennsylvanians. The Intake Attorney will be responsible for auditing and reforming our current intake system to ensure that we are screening cases as effectively and quickly as possible. While the Intake Attorney will be integral to the success of the office and the ultimate representation of our clients, this is a non- litigation position. The Intake Attorney will not have their own caseload. 


1. Juris Doctor degree; preference given to barred attorneys and/or attorneys completing 


2. Excellent management and organization skills

3. Strong written and verbal communication skills

4. Sense of humor and willingness to be a team player

5. Familiarity with or willingness to learn case management databases, including Salesforce and Clio

6. Project management and/or volunteer training experience preferred

7. Dual language proficiency preferred 

Specific Responsibilities: 

  1. Manage case review process: Acquaint law student interns and pro bono lawyers with the Project’s review procedures and requirements; together with the Project’s paralegal, assign case review projects to legal interns and volunteer lawyers; monitor the progress of the case reviews, help in removing roadblocks to the case review, and reassign cases as circumstances warrant; review case review submissions for compliance with the Project’s procedural requirements; provide reviewers with feedback on their work; and recommend to the rest of the legal staff that cases be closed or advanced for more in-depth review and/or investigation.
  2. Conduct review of existing case intake/screening process: Become familiar with the existing case screening process and make recommendations for streamlining it and ensuring the quality of the case reviews, reviewers, and evaluations; become familiar with intake best practices used by other Innocence Network organizations; audit intake process for inclusiveness to ensure that we are reaching as many potential clients as possible. 
  1. Track data regarding the case review process: Keep data on all aspects of the case review process, including: how long it takes for cases to be reviewed in each stage of the process; the number of cases assigned or awaiting assignment at each stage; a listing of the cases awaiting assignment; the number of cases closed or moved forward each year; and the productivity of individual volunteer lawyers. The intake attorney will need to update existing Salesforce database to better capture this information and make recommendations for improvements to the database. 
  1. Recruit and train volunteers: Arrange and conduct training sessions in the identification of bona fide innocence claims and the Project’s procedural requirements for law students and attorneys who wish to volunteer their services to conduct case reviews. 

To apply please email resume and cover letter to: 

Michelle McEwen


Pennsylvania Innocence Project

1515 Market St., Room 300 

Philadelphia, PA 19102