Montana Innocence Project

At the foot of Mount Powell, the clean smell of snow and the more evocative smell of manure commingled as wind swept into the parking lot in front of the Montana State Prison’s administration building Tuesday afternoon. 

Then, for the first time in 23 years, 56-year-old Freddie Joe Lawrence emerged from the razor wire and chain link fences as a free man. Triumphantly holding his fists in the air, Lawrence was flanked by Toby Cook and Larry Mansch, two of the Montana Innocence Project lawyers who helped him regain his freedom.

On Friday, Helena District Judge Kathy Seeley vacated the convictions of Lawrence and 64-year-old Paul Jenkins in the 1994 murder of Donna Meagher. Meagher was kidnapped from a family-owned casino in Montana City and killed west of Helena, leading to the convictions of Jenkins and Lawrence in 1995. Read more.