Application Process

Steps in the Network's membership application process


Organizations interested in applying for Network membership should first reach out to Sajia Hanif, Innocence Network Coordinator.



Organizations interested in applying for Network membership in a state or jurisdiction that already has Network coverage must contact the Network members in that state or jurisdiction to discuss how to collaborate on casework, fundraising, and policy work. Partnerships can take a variety of forms. Some Network members serve as a screening organization for other innocence organizations within their state: they receive all requests for assistance and assign cases to their partner organizations that carry out the investigation and litigation. Other states divide their casework geographically or by type of cases accepted. Some states have several organizations whose work is overseen by a larger Network member organization.



After discussion with the other organizations in their state/jurisdiction, organizations who wish to continue their application to the Network must fill out and submit a membership application form. Please note that you must include a copy of your organization’s budget, a description of your casework, and resumes for appropriate staff and board members as a part of your application materials.



The Network’s Membership Committee will review the initial application and respond with additional questions as needed.



If the Membership Committee approves the initial application, applying organizations then have six months to create and submit a series of required Ethics and Best Practice documents. For international organizations, a member of the Network’s International Committee may be able to assist in the creation of these documents. If the Ethics and Best Practice documents are not received and approved within six months, the applying organization must re-apply for membership.



Once all Ethics and Best Practice documents are received and approved, the Membership Committee will recommend to the Network’s Executive Board the acceptance of your organization.



If the Network Executive Board votes to approve your application, you will become an official member of the Innocence Network.



Organizations that wish to use the trademark “Innocence Project” will work with a member of the Innocence Project’s staff to obtain a license to use the trademark.



All incoming Network members are expected to pay their annual dues around the time of their acceptance. Dues are prorated to the time of year an organization joins the Network.



The path to Network membership. Steps in the membership application process.