Benefits and expectations

Advantages of Network membership & requirements of all Network members


Benefits of Network Membership



Access to other innocence organizations

One of the primary benefits of membership in the Innocence Network is access to individuals and organizations who are participating in the same special and nuanced work. Members of the Network communicate with and learn from one another via private email listservs, an Intranet platform, the work of its committees, and an annual Network conference. Network members share their legal expertise, circulate relevant resources, provide consultation on cases, and offer other support to one another. 



Services from the Network Support Unit

The Network Support Unit (NSU) is housed within the Innocence Project and helps facilitate the work of the Network. The NSU also offers support and coaching to individual US-based Network member organizations related to organizational development issues such as fundraising, governance, and strategic planning. In addition to these customized trainings and other one-on-one support, the NSU creates resources addressing issues of interest to all Network members.



Access to the Edmondson Walking Fund

The NSU administers the Edmondson Walking Fund, which is a grant that provides $2,000 to all exonerees represented by Innocence Network member organizations upon his/her exoneration. The funds come with no strings attached, and are intended to offer immediate support to the exoneree in the days following his/her exoneration.



Discounted registration rate for the annual Innocence Network Conference

While the conference (which is organized by the NSU, members of the Network, and the Innocence Project) is open to the public, all employees of Network member organizations are eligible for a discounted registration rate.




Use of the “Innocence Project” trademark

The name “Innocence Project” is a federally-registered trademark owned by the Innocence Project, Inc. The Innocence Project, Inc. grants use of the trademark, through a license agreement, to those members of the Network which seek to use the term “Innocence Project” as part of its legal name, or otherwise use the mark. In order to use the “Innocence Project” name or trademark, organizations must apply to and be accepted in the Network, and sign the license agreement. In some special cases, and in the sole discretion of the Innocence Project, Inc., permission to use the mark may be granted to organizations that are not members of the Network, or may not be granted to a particular member in the Network.



Expectations of all Network members



All Network members must pay annual membership dues, which vary based on the number of full-time equivalent paid staff positions at the organization.



 All Network members must submit an annual report survey. Each winter, the NSU sends out an online survey of about 100 questions pertaining to the work of each Network member organization. The Network uses this survey to assess the health and wellness of the Network, identify trends, and flag any particular network member organizations that may require additional assistance from the NSU or other Network leaders.



Submission of other documents and information, as requested, is required. 



All Network members must agree to abide by the Memorandum of Understanding that details the relationship between the Innocence Network and the Innocence Project.