Oregon Innocence Project 

Statement to be attributed to Steve Wax, Legal Director, Oregon Innocence Project.

“We are delighted that Nick McGuffin is being freed now that his conviction for manslaughter
has been overturned and that there will be no appeal from the State or retrial. Staff and
volunteers of the Oregon Innocence Project worked for five years on Nick’s case, including
Janis Puracal prior to her creating the Forensic Justice Project. Nick is also represented by
Ryan O’Connor of O’Connor Weber. Nick’s case was one of the first brought to us when we
opened our doors in 2014. In particular, our researcher John Comery has shown outstanding
commitment to helping Nick and has worked on the case since we took it on. Nick’s release
follows thousands of hours of labor by our staff and volunteers. As in so many innocence cases,
it is only with dedication and tremendous effort by many people that justice will eventually be
done. We wish Nick every future happiness as he is reunited with his family and friends.”

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